Color Verticality

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Designer Emmanuelle Moureaux

Emmanuelle Moureaux, Architect & Designer was inspired by the Japanese traditional sliding screens, and has been developing the concept of “Shikiri”, which is a colourful partition series which literally means “ dividing space in colours “ in English with using different materials through various projects such as beauty salons, offices clinics, and schools trying to bring out the old essence and try to convert them into something modern and practical which still can be used today. Her distinguish use of colours has been recognized extensively, and she has been called “ masters of colours “ from leading magazines . The same time she has achieved many various design awards

Fancy Slide

NYC Penthouse architect David Hotson


This concept is a ´non program pavillion´ in the very natural mediterranean terrain of southern spain. It is actually about “ How to build a natural landscape ? “. This house reaches the idea of blending and disappearing itself in the landscape. This method is actually about the integration reaching the point where the landscape generates the architecture itself.

This house was made also to provide environmental awareness, also a music hall, exposition hall and providing activities to support for the wider community in the area.

Lantern Wonderland

Golden Moon Pavilion architect LEAD

The golden Moon is a huge temporary architectural project that acts like a giant lantern. This dome was designed for a Mid-autumn festival in Lee Kum Kee Lantern wonderland in Hong Kong, Asia. The large structure intentions was to serve as an inviting public event space as it improves the remarkable visual experience for festival aura, as it puts on a beautiful neon light show against the night sky.

This Crystal dome at Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal Worlds). It is the company’s museum and headquarters located in Wattens in Austria. This Crystal dome the designed to capture the feeling of being inside a crystal. The 595 mirrors that cover the wall, creates shifting shapes, reflections and colours, that generally reveal hidden works of art. From the look of it, it must be one incredibly surreal and glittering spectacle to witness in person.

Dictated and Constrained

Penhaligon shop designer Christopher Jenner.

British designer Christopher Jenner’s work is grounded in a deep appreciation of the complexity with nature, which he first experienced as a child in South Africa. A lot of his work is affected by mood change in society, also provocated by the financial crisis - all this has shifted his art into deeper values with a larger creative expression.

He likes putting heritage, product & personality in a project, and turning it into magical solutions is something he strives after. His work is a effect of a complex of colour patterns, making it’s own set of emotive values.