Shuffle and Reorder

Babel designer Manifattura Italiana Design

As you see in the picture, a recognized lamp structure is divided into flat sections that can be shuffled around, to your taste that create personalised infinite windows of light. With all these infinite solutions, it really shows the essence of creativity in a architectural format within lamps and lighting. A true lamp that is both beautiful, natural to look at and can become a projection of your identity.

Gear lamp

Schprokets designer Christopher Moulder

Schprokets is a gear-shaped lighting fixture that uses no wires or sockets, but instead uses low-voltage bulbs that give off a halo-like glow.

This structure not only looks like a turning gear, but it functions as both the light and the socket. The designer said “I wanted to create a piece with no wires or sockets, so I started experimenting with low voltage bulbs,” Moulder explains. “Low voltage means the fixture doesn’t have to be insulated. Instead, the Schproket is the socket.”

Using Xenon long-life bulbs, the Schprokets can be hung on the wall, from the ceiling or even in stacks in rings ranging from 11″ up to 47″. They’re also available Silver Metallic, Torch Red, and White.